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president obama and rob ford have in common? what if i told you that only one of them is already addressing the situation? welcome, i am neil cavuto. barack obama and rob ford could not look more different. the toronto mayor is not smooth and thin like barack obama, but they have serious crises on their hands. i hate to break it to the white house. the mayor seems to be acting more quickly, getting ahead and here is why. he says that he is now getting professional help for his drinking problem and the president just punted on his health care problem in the mayor realizes that he has to look like he's doing something now and the president has dropped this insurance mess for a year now. the mayor still they tossed out, but he's not going without a fight. the president can be tossed out, but he's not showing much fight because the mayor is giving it all he has got. the president is hoping the time will save the day. in the mayor is on the brink because he is just a mess. his signature achievement is a mess. the mayor admitted it, the president has not. before you laugh off this guy, do remembe
and a 30-tablet free trial. neil: getting smoked by the guy admitting that he smoked crack. president obama is approval rating dropping to 37%. toronto's mayor is about 42%. your to figure out what is going on, christian, what do you make of this? rob ford, of all people, has a higher approval rating. >> it is certainly odd. but for all of his transgressions, he still appeals to a great number of individuals and they are willing to give him a pass at this point. but what i'm more interested in is what i'm looking at as far as president obama. it's driving his unpopularity. we will see that popularity naturally bounce back. the president is looking upward even though right now looks pretty bad for him. neil: what do you make of that? >> this is not a comparison that the white house would welcome. barack obama and the crack smoking mayor of toronto and i think that christian is right that people in toronto and generally it leaves have some degree of solidarity were human empathy with someone who is personally flawed. here's a guy with a substance abuse problem was coming clean about it. even
against obamacare, he might have won, he is lost in everyone climbing onboard of anti-obama care train, i think it is having an impact. we were in virginia last week, and saw the race tightening. the point is that people are getting nervous now, to think virginia may be forced to comply with obamacare, they hear folks are losing he'l while insurancey don't top give a blank check on barack obama and terry mcauliffe. neil: you know, i am wondering, chris, if mcauliffe wins in virginia a lot of democrats would say that as spragu sometht would be a d'back ill, what do you think? >> we're talking about two different races. chris christie will go to a big victory. his message could have been, i'm chris christie, and your not, he would have won. but it points not to a 2013 victory but a 2016 campaign run for president. back to cuccinelli race. to your point, this is a race that headed into a double digit loss for cuccinelli. and obama gave him a lifeline, you have seen it turn, cuc cuccinelli made that a major issue, pointing to not really te continues to spiral out of control, 60% of vothers sa
thank you very much. >> thank you. neil: all right so not barack obama's lincoln moment. but to skip out on as a ceremony commemorating lincoln's most famous moment? on this gettysburg anniversary, lou lehrman, speechless. >> 4 score and 7 years ago, our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation. conceived in liberty. and dedicated -- >> today 150 anniversary of gettysburg address. president obama skipping the ceremony, lou lehrman said that mr. obama could learn a lot from mr. lincoln. this is a pretty big even, this was an address that really you provided means by which we could have a president obama. >> a very disappointing outcome. everyn is a legitty of mr. lincoln, and gettysburg address, everyone has a special legacy. president obama has been wrapping himself in the lincoln flag sinces day he decided to run for republican office. so, i regarded it as a offense to those brave men, tens of thousands who gave their lives at gettysburg, 720,000 men in blue and gray, that the emancipation. neil: how long was the speech? >> i would say 271 words,. neil: that is this presiden
no clue obama. and it's a little disconcerting to put it mildly. because this guy can be on top of everything. but he's clearly not on top of lots of things and some of them are top security matters. >> we have known for a while according to books like bob woodward and a new book coming out about the authors of being change and disengaging from the nitty-gritty of politics and getting down and dirty dirty and it seems like he is disengaged from the policy as well and i can understand him not knowing anything that goes on in the government how does he not know that the nsa is capping world leaders. how does he not know that the world leaders are being spied upon. that seems to be something that the commander in chief should know, whether he agrees with that or not. but i don't see how he does not know that. neil: that is what worries me the most. because if you take that at face value, it means that there's a government going on with freewheeling spies doing their thing, oblivious to or in contempt of, you know, the president of the united states and that is a little unsettling.
. this is barack obama's new deal. and no way in hell he is going to give it the old heave-ho. why should he, not without a hell of a lot of fight, and a hell of a lot of money, likely your money, and our money, it is the law after all. a myriad of big government initiatives that did require a lot of fixes back then, and a lot of money back then, fdr was damn sure they would not be left dying even if that meant price tag to salvage them kept climbing, that was then this, is now, that is the real history with big government it never gives up, fdr was just better at it, don't believe me, believe fdr, he could not be here but his grandson could and is. this roosevelt era said this are government brouhaha too shall pass, this is james roosevelt, one of my favorite guests. he is a big ceo. he was among a select few powwwwing with president obama at the white house, maybe on this very subject. >> neil good to be with you. neil: i tell, you are not going to defund this or kill it or make a law illegal. so, it back to either how you make it better or a scrap it, come out with something else, it is h
do you think? >> it depends on what the questionable substances. president obama admitted that at one time in his life he tried cocaine. >> and look what happened. >> that's just the thing. everyone makes mistakes in their personal lives. >> i came we were having this conversation. >> there are so many politicians that have made mistakes. i think it was unfair for them to strip the powers immediately. go ahead and put the red cape in front of him because now it's going to be worse. >> they won't do it. >> the president's approval ratings just hit a record low. the health care rollout is too late now. and what about real i.t. experts watching this turkey. better yet, a former top technology executive. we will have that next my mantra? family first. but with less energy, moodiness, and a low sedrive, i saw my doctor. a blood test showed it was low testosterone, not age. we talked about axiron. the only underarm low t treatment that can restore t levels to rmal in about 2 weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than8 or men with prostate or breast caer. and ch
or president obama saying the agreement the thing is that he believed in growth for everybody. he did not believe in blaming one group against another, pitting one group against another. his famous phrase was a rising tide lifts all votes. the goal nowadays for the modern liberal and president obama is included in us, his income redistribution and that trumps the goal of growth for everybody. they are more interested in this is not just saying a sameness, this is why friends of president kennedy like joseph also been others say that he didn't like liberals. he did not like liberals because he believed that liberals would sacrifice what is good for the entire country for the sake of their ideological commitment and ss does the wall street editorial page. bob bartley and milton friedman is to say that, it is very often a corporation. >> you ever wonder what he would think today of veterans that provide $85 billion per month to keep the market going and the economy going? >> that's a good question. i don't think he would be in favor of it because he sees the reaction. neil: the things a
governors, you say won't sign on to your exchanges, drop it, say, i flubbed it, now i barack obama plan to fix it you can do this, mr. president. it is not as if they can't get worse, look at your poll numbers, they are bad. to the kennedy head center author, said that president provides a road map for maybe how you can turn things around by first acknowledging that you want to and you acknowledge that you want to, larry sabah doe. you point out, you write, john kennedy, might not have been a perfect president. the fact is, when there were big mistakes he owned up to them, he did not suffer in the polls, he rocketed in the polls for doing so. >> yes. there are many examples, i cite them. but the best known one is after the cuban -- the bay of pigs, in his administration, when having been misled by some of the carry overs from the cia from, eisenhower administration, misled by some military people, he did not appoint. he could easily have blamed them. he could have turned back and said, president eisenhower approved this, in october and november. i was just carrying out his plan. he did
, and president obama, with his national elections we're at an election night event, they don't call them victory parties yet. but they say there is reason to celebrate, they are feeling confident, they have led in polls for months. but in a way this has been a very negative election. they refuse togo so because they didn't file either candidate of the worthy of support, this came with a high price tag, terry mcauliffe raised millions of dollars. they have campaigned for him, he has help from president and vice president, he hopes that is enough to push him through, right now, not as much of a run away in new jersey it is close. they are watching votes, they have led for some time, but that is why they count the votes. neil: there are polls, and then the final-day results on election day. who knows that better than my next guest, former governor of fine state of verg virginia, dos wilder, i have to ask you, we were talking about polls, i believe going into your election, you were up 20 points by some polls, you won but it was a squeaker. what do you make of what could be a contest. >> i'm note su
running for the president combined and they have hired and fired more. but when you have obama, he found the hiring really easy. and he's hired a bunch of people that have never hired and fired and it's not just obama, that is the public sector and this includes others that are trying to cement their opinions like this, their present policies, and there are a lot of reasons for that, not the least of which is the complicated health care law, but if he doesn't do this, what are these next three years looking like? >> i think that this is going to be one issue after another, ultimately less health care and wars health care. neil: should the government have any role in our? >> i think that their are those that are truly in need, but i think we have gone way over the line. >> we could have this includes new lines of eligibility that no one would have dropped off the cliff. and balance the budget and i think that the fact that we continue to borrow and spend more money than what we have is truly the biggest issue facing us. >> make no bones about it, i'm a i am a hawk, but what does that mean
the proper obama coverage. neil: a lot of them would have to either force their employees to bailout more or jump them. >> encouraging employers to drop their plans and force all of these people. >> that happens right after the midterm elections. >> it is on thing to deceive and lied to the people. it is another thing the press to buy into it and allow it to happen. that is overseeing right now which is what is most disgusting about this. neil: you don't even lik what you have seen out of republicans. >> no. i just see a failure. and look. he was solid on the issue. he saw it coming. he saw this debacle cing. neil: but he no doubt also saw the effortlessness of this task. >> but he went out there and stood tall for the people. he said, there is something wrong here. we should be addressing it. neil: like a chris christie. >> i think kristi is -- he is moving the count in the wrong direction, sort of like cnton. he will be whatever you want him to be on any given day. il: this whole in-your-face style. - like the style, but i do not necessarily like the stuff since. he thinks of himself an
consumer, they now know that based on obama cat, they may or may not have insurance and health care costs will have insurance and if so, it will cost twice as much. those factors is going to be a negative for the economy in the fourth quarter. neil: following all that stuff more closely than even me. so i've always said that this health care law needs some sudden magic. but i could not stay magic johnson. hi honey, did you get e toaster cozy? p. got all the cozies. [ grandma ] with n fedex one rate, i could ll a box and ship it r one flat rate. so i kn untilt was full. you'd be crazy not to. is tt nana? [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex. neil: okay, the deadline fixed the health care website is just days away. right now, he does not seem to be too traumatized, the president fundraising at magic johnson's house. today, joining dreamworks studios and there's nothing wrong with any of the above. >> i can understand why he would want to do this. the american health care system, it's kind of like a house badly in need of repair. so what
is it going to be in the future. th averageconsumer, they now know that sed on obama cat, they may or may not have insurance and halth care costs will have insurance and if so, it will cost twice as much. those factors is going to be a negative for the economy in the fourth quarter. neil: following all that stuff more closely than even me. so i've always said that this health care law needs some sudden magic. but i could not stay magic johnson. as a business owner, i'm constantly putting out fires. so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cascard from capital one, i get 2% cash back on ery purchase, every day. i break my back around here. finally soone's recognizing me with unlimited rewards! meetings start at 11, cindy. [ male announcer get the spark business card from capital one. choose 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every d. what's in your wallet? i need your timesheets, larry! neil: okay, the deadline fixed the health care website is just days away. right no he does not seem to be too traumatized, the president fundraising at mag
hope we hold president obama accountable for that. neil: broken promise number three actually comes from nancy pelosi and actually a few years ago. >> this bill is not just about that and health care, but about jobs. this includes jobs almost immediately. >> the health care bill was a jobs bill. >> it was very very weird. you know, in two dozen 11, the cbo director said this will decrease the number of jobs. 800,000 american jobs will be lost. so where nancy pelosi is getting your facts from, i'm not sure, but it's not true. we will see all ofth the salaries go down in americans having to work more hours to compensate for employers laying off employees to get under this threshold that they have to meet in order to be exempt from obamacare. so we will see this. neil: you know this like an encyclopedia. everything, he signed up for and you are a part of it in the keep it low and it hurts and doesn't help. >> exactly. neil: what's promise number four? we have it right here. >> nearly 85% of americans already have insurance or medicare or medicaid or your employer, if you are one of tho
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a narrative on healthcare if the roll out problem, i think that obama numbers are wire seeing he is down under 40 in gallup yesterday. i have not seen today's numbers. you look at that, what happens, i think this thing about keeping your health care -- this -- this spin, this absolute amazing this shows healthcare is popular? my god, ii this campaign had been on the last for 2 more weeks or another week with some her sauces put in -- resources put in terry mcauliffe would have lost, and lieutenant governor, if any other aren't except a person who was so vulnerable because of his social position, had been running, terry mcauliffe would have been toast. neil: ad there not been a libertarian candidate in the race. >> let plea get to that point, 7% of vote, about 70-30 split for republican, and stories this morning that democrats, helped finance this the republican are politically inept, a lib tear yen took it away, that alone would have done it. the long and short, if democrats, think, if i -- if this happened in be oed in one o weeks of obamacare what do you think 14 looks like. neil: they ar
shovel project that president obama was trying to gottenstuted 5 years ago, i am with you neil, we should not put more money on top of more money to be spent it needs to go back in u.s. treasury, let's chip away at some of our debt, but for president clinton to come along as savior of mess he helped generate with appalling to me. >> i don't think he is trying to be a a halfior. neil: do you think that clinton is doing something astute here, trying to separate himself from the president to clear the way for his wife to divorce her from this administration. and problem with health care. and now, on all these funds exacted from banks, me thinks he is not a dummy. bill clinton is strategizing something? >> no, she one of the most astute political strategists of our time, you have to acknowledge that. he is brilliant at political messaging, president clinton is distancing himself from some hiccups and some credibility issues that president obama is having, absolutely. to pave the way for a clearer path for hillary clinton's success in 2014 for forward thinking. neil: also sneaky that me. >> it
despite obama's. neil: i do want to get into that, get inside your head to understand what is inside at is gng on. where is there a sense with republiccns until the emperor that he has no close. >> it's a big question. a little inflammatory. >> they were able toto set their exchanges in a timely way. neil: let's talk about the website. does anyone tell the president that it's not going to be that way? >> i doo't know. i wasn't there in the run- to this, but i think that in this case of the group people in the individual market were getting notifications that they can keep their plans come ad they have a switch to different plans, this is a thing that is applying his sothing like 2% of the country. neil: wedon't know about that percentage. >> 5% in the market total. as for more than half of the people are either either to receive the current policy or are getting some animosities be one what do you think will happen next year exchanges, private and otherwise? >> i think that some might. but you have to remember the context of apple debate was people saying this is a government takeov
and they had no idea when they were reading this website that there was this relationship with the obama administration. >> we asked about the revelation. when i read other publications, i don't know if it applies here. and there is a lot of the details and i know the real story. and then i start wondering who else was not paid off. and we will write some positive start. >> and politics, you know, it is part of the campaign. and we thought it was important not to do that come and i think that we are looking at a lot of ese other contacts that individuals may have been a part of that. >> it wasn't just advertisements, it had seped into the articles themselves. >> specifically they were paid to write articles and some people have seen advertisements. >> there are people that and i just want to say that that is the big problem come you talk to people and they should have disclosed it and there should've been a statement at the bottom of the article. something that says that we are being paid by the obama administration and i think that is the black eye for the weatherbee people. neil: we ar
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 52 (some duplicates have been removed)